Monday, September 13, 2010

Settled In and Getting to Work!

Sister Nishino and Ali are are great companionship at Temple Square!  A family with a Japanese exchange student toured the site and were directed to this dynamic duo.  Sister Nishino was able to speak with this exchange student in their native language and give meaning to the wonderful and peaceful spirit which resides at Temple Square.  With Ali's great smile and loving spirit  a connection was made with this family visiting from Cottonwood Canyon.  Later in that day, we received a phone message from an appreciative mother who expressed her appreciation for these sisters' spirit and enthusiasm.

Ali writes some of her thoughts during the first month on the job:

Prep'd and Ready to Hit the Square!
"For all first transfer sisters we were assigned to read The Living Christ and study it and come to understand it better, and as I did so it was amazing how much I learned about Jesus Christ and what a large part he is in my life.  He is truly the perfect example for us he is the light to the world, and as he is no longer on the earth, missionaries and members of the church are the ones here for him...we are His hands to do his work in these days.  Our lives may be difficult, but He gave his life so that we could be here to gain experience to come closer to him and use his atonement.  I'm am still learning so much about him and gaining a better understanding of the atonement and all that he did while he was on the earth.  Each day is a gift from God that we are blessed with."

We have been impressed with the meaningful connections these great young women make with people from all over the world.  In Ali's last correspondence she relates the following experience:

"So I have such and amazing and exciting story I just could go on and on about, so I'll give you as much detail as I can.  A few weeks ago I met a mother and daughter, Amy and Elysse Ivy-from Texas, on a tour in the Beehive hosue.  Sister Nishino and I took them through and I got to know them really well.  Amy was dropping Elysse off at a school here in Utah- she's on a basketball scholarship and is so anxious to start a new season.  Well, at the end of all the tours we give we usually ask members if they have any friends or family members that we can share the gospel with.  I wasn't expecting anything because usually we don't get any...we call them 'potential referrals.'  Well, to my surprise they gave me 4!!!  I was so excited and they were so excited that I could do this for them.  A few days later I was able to call their family friend, Laci, and talk to her.  The Ivy family sounded like they were doing some amazing member missionary work.  Laci had been with the Ivy family when they had scripture study, family prayer, FHE (Family Home Evening), and she had also attended church with them.  Laci loved the Book of Mormon and loved going to church too.   I started sharing more about the gospel with her and invited her to receive a Book of Mormon of her own.  She said, 'I've never thought about having my own before, but if I can have one I would like that.'  YEAY!  That has been one of the best things I heard that day.  So I told her that missionaries would be able to come to her home and bring her that Book of Mormon and also teach her more, especially as she reads and has more questions." 
"Yesterday, I called Elysse to let her know about some of the other potentials that they gave me, and she told me she had some exciting news.  She has heard from her Mom, Amy, that Laci has been taking the lessons with the missionaries and is loving it!!!  Her mom has even sat in on a few lessons too!  Who knew that so much would come from a simple phone call.  I know that Laci is in great hands with missionaries in Texas.  I just keep praying that she will continue to have the desire to learn more and then be baptized!  We don't usually get to hear how things work out after we call, but what a blessing to know.  I couldn't have asked for anything better this transfer."

We are excited that Ali has caught the spirit of her mission call and is enthusiastic in her service.  She is a blessing to us as her family and we are happy to see that she is a blessing in the lives of others as well.