Wednesday, February 9, 2011

November 2010

Come on Dad!  Get the post updated!!!
Time to play some catch up here.  Alexandra is doing fantastic things while serving her mission.  Here are some highlights from her letters:

There were some wonderful experiences that we had as we were on Temple Square.  As Sister Kinikini and I were waiting to meet with our District Leader, Sister Ah-Sha, I got a page (yes on one of those old pagers that no one has anymore) but I was going to call for this and then found out that there was someone waiting to meet me, that was on his way through from Raymond, Alberta.  I don't remember his last name, but his first name was Bruce.  He had a package of goodies from Grandpa Brownie for me and it was just the sweetest thing I could have asked for.  He was very kind and had many stories for me and just expressed what a wonderful man Grandpa Brownie is...and I couldn't agree more.  Grandpa Brownie stocked me up with all sorts of goodies from Canada like chips, popcorn, wagonwheels, cookies, and of course his pickles!  It was such a fun surprise and I could just feel the love that Grandpa sent with that package.  Quite a few of the other sisters are enjoying all of the goodies too, especially some of the sisters from Canada.  I just love Canadians, and I am meeting them so much...who would've known so many would come to temple square. 

Winter Wonderland
Fun on Prep-day
Also on Monday, Sister Kinikini and I had some incredible experiences as we shared the gospel with Lana, from Stanford, and John, from Oregon.  They were both so kind and accepting of the gospel.  Lana is very open minded and was interested to learn more about our beliefs, and had previously been referred when she called in once.  John, we met by the New Testament paintings and was with a big family, but he seemed to continually drift behind to look at more.  We passed him a few times and then after we had passed him once more, we felt that we needed to go back and share the Book of Mormon.  As we did so, he was very interested and wanted to learn more for himself.  It was in just a matter of a few minutes that he had felt the spirit and was ready to have his own Book of Mormon.  Miracles like this happen all the time and it is just amazing to see that when we have so much faith in this work, we can truly find so many people that are prepared. 

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