Friday, May 6, 2011

January 2011

Beautiful winter snowscapes surround the Salt Lake Valley and bring visitors from all over to experience world class skiing and resorts.

As the 2010 holiday season fades away, Alexandra and her missionary companions settle back into daily routines of missionary life on Temple Square.  The site of which so much national and church history is occurred continues to draw visitors from all parts of the world.

Ali is having the time of her life engaged in a work that she whole heartedly loves and is anxiously engaged in.

Things are a little different with the slower schedule, but it is the best! Again this past week there were so many that came that were so interested and so prepared to hear the message.  Heavenly Father really does have a part in so many people lives, and there are reasons why they come here in the middle of winter.  Sister Hernandez and I love seeing that this season is the best here, whereas most people would think that its not.  Winter is usually a time when people are grumpy and upset and just not happy because it isn't the great summer, but we really do get the best out of people as missionaries here! I wonder if the ways that I am able to ask questions and talk to people in a way for them to open up so much is something that will continue on after the mission.  So many people tell me things and then after say, well I don't know why I told you that, but I did! Haha. Having the spirit so strong as a missionary is the best! I do not want the day to come when I won't have it the way I do now, it is the best ever and I know that the promptings of the spirit are so strong with everything that we do as missionaries.

With the many people that I talk to and meet, I am just so grateful for the understanding of the fulness of the restored gospel.  So many people are still so confused and curious about their beliefs and the world around them, but I know I've got it all right! Over and over again I recognize what a blessing it is to be serving a mission and learning more, but also to be sharing this with others.  The hardest thing about being a missionary is knowing that there are still so many people in the world looking for this, but they don't know where to find it! I wish there was a little radar or something that would help us find those people and let us share with them the things they are continually looking for.  Never forget that there may be people that you associate with everyday or every once in a while that are those people.  Always be a witness of Jesus Christ and share what a blessing the gospel has been in your life ,and what it can do for everone else!

Thanks for all your love and prayers, and everything that you do! :)

Love you,
Sister Alexandra Teerlink

Well, she's obviously having a great time and is caught in the moment as she shares this glad message of hope to the world.

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