Sunday, June 13, 2010

Since I've been home I have been busy nannying and spending as much time with my family and friends, but it is all paying off.  Everything is always so fun and makes the last bit of time I have before my mission even more memorable!

We wanted to take some family pictures before I left so we could at least have an updated family shot.  It was one of the best times to take the pictures considering I'll be gone for 18 months and we will need to wait that long to get a full family picture. 

Also, my family was able to finally find a few days to get away and head out to one of our favorite spots...DISNEYLAND!!! Going to Disneyland always brings back so many memories and we all just laugh and play and all that fun stuff. 

Love You All!!! Thanks for all the FuN and MeMoRiEeS


  1. looks like your having lots of fun before you leave! I wish I was closer so we could hang out! Love you Ali!!!

  2. Ali, why are you so stinkin gorgeous???? I can't believe you will be leaving so soon on your mission! I miss you too much, how am I going to last 18 months without you? But You are going to make such a great missionary!!!!!!! and who knows, maybe i'll just have to make a few trips to Temple Square...